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05 February 2015 @ 04:16 pm

About Groomed fangirl. A Japanese speaker currently living in a boring country filled with deceit. I spend most of my days in front of the computer either subbing, reading, writing, photo editing or watching. I love Japanese culture because I grew up with it. I like making new friends but I won't add you back if your lj is empty because omg stranger danger from the other side of the screen. And, yeah I reek of coffee.

Random Visual Kei is my jam. Second goes to rock. I can't stand jazz. I hate going to concerts but I like to watch a DVD of it. I love tokusatsu since birth lol. I self taught myself Japanese at the age of 7. Self explanatory, I like milk coffee to the point that I reek of it. And finally as you can see, I like yaoi huehuehue *gross fujoshi laugh*

Eight Ranger 2 Movie - Translating
Crayon Shin-chan Movie 19 - Translating
VS Arashi #234 Guest; V6 - Translating
AnS x The Music Day - Translating
AnS #233 Guest; Katsumura Masanobu - Translating



We can say this is pretty much my farewell gift and sign of apologies. Next week I will be going back to university for my degree in architecture. I'll be going through a very busy period of my life so I very much doubt I'll be able to produce any subs within the next 3 to 4 years. I haven't even been releasing a lot of subs lately and as if that's not a bad enough thing to do as a subber, I'm very suddenly taking a super long break, a hiatus you could say. I am very sorry but unfortunately, my life is my first priority lol. So yeah, hiatus-farewell gift? T_________T さようなら。また会おうね。
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I know I'm jumping around on the episodes here but again this was a result of my perfectionist side. I subbed this like as soon as the RAW was out but I got fed up about the typesetting so I never touched it again. Then I proceeded to forget about it. When I came back to subbing last week I noticed this abandoned untitled subtitle file 4 folders deep into my subbing folder. Gosh. When I opened it up I found out it was a completely translated episode of VS Arashi that I failed to typeset. So, realizing there might be some Johnny's West fans out there that have been meaning to watch this but couldn't because of the language barrier, I completed it as soon as I could. Plus, Shigeoka was adorable so, why not~

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09 August 2015 @ 10:41 pm

GOMEN! Maji gomen! I completely forgot to type up the translation notes and let alone post it up. I have been rather busy lately but still this is what comes out of procrastination. I apologize. Well, just for the sake of it, I'll put it up anyway eventhough I guess it's rather irrelevant now haha.

Translation Notes for Episode 11

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Project Coordinator: hikaruisyum
Translator, Typesetting, QC: haruki
Timer, Editor: mysticwater

Finally, I'd like to thank hikaruisyum aka V for giving me the green light to take over this series since I know how tough it is to be a subber in high school. I'm glad we were able to work together on this and millions of thanks to mysticwater for volunteering to be our timer. Despite having to go with my odd style of subbing and nitpicks you still stuck through the end. Thank you very much. Also to fans of the series, we thank you for being patient with us when we ended up being held back by real life problems or even technical problems. Much love.

I dedicate the series to fans of Tabe Mikako, Okura Tadayoshi and Yaotome Hikaru <3

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07 July 2015 @ 01:09 pm

Translation Notes for Ep 8

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Translation Notes for Ep 9

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Translation Notes for Ep 10
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If y'all haven't already know, I'm a huge tokusatsu (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Anime, etc.) fan. I've been watching them since forever and tokusatsu was what had brought me into the wonderful world of Japan. Since the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai (aka power rangers) shows that I had watched back then were all in Japanese, I was exposed to the language since I was very very little. It influenced my pronunciation and somewhat, my vocabulary as well. I went around saying "bakayaro" and "kuso gaki" a lot back then without understanding the meaning haha.

What I'm trying to say is, lol, I just had to prioritize this episode over other Arashi stuffs I'm currently subbing~ Gomen na. So then, will Arashi be able to defeat the team of heroes? Lol.

Kamen Rider Gaim; Kamen Rider Decade; GokaiRed; Kamen Rider Agito; TimeRed; Ultraman Dyna

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17 June 2015 @ 09:27 pm

Here we go. We're all done with the basics.

Honestly this story wasn't as dark as I kind of hoped it to be haha. It was sweet. Too sweet I got sugar high. Too adorable, I can't even describe haha. I don't know what to say now hmm... Well, I've shipped these two since Otenki Onee-san and to see them like this felt like the ship had set sailed and safely avoided the iceberg. Gosh I honestly ship these two more than I ship TakeixTakeru~ Sorry kenshin, you're hot but Okura is in his own weird way somewhat hotter *flips glasses*

Well enjoy guys. It's a simple and sweet movie you can watch while you relax and snuggle up with your nonexistent boyfriend...  no? Just me? Okay. Enjoy it anyways ^^

Japanese subs - furransu's raw on asiatorrent
Timer - mysticwater
Translator - haru

By the way, the sub is synced to the RAW on this website called ganool.com. But it syncs well to dozchan666, furransu and WiKi's raw on asiatorrent as well. Have your pick.

The only thing I ask of you is to not destroy the credits. That takes you about 10 seconds to do, while it takes us days to sub. Have some respect yo. I don't mind you converting it to all the language you want, just give me a heads up about it, kay? Thanks love.

(Movie) Clover 2014

P/S: we'll be releasing a better hardcoded version on sanbakasubs soon. Check that out as well.

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16 June 2015 @ 04:03 pm

So... I'll just put it all in one post because I fear I might procrastinate these again haha.
Translation Notes for Episode 5
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Translation Notes for Episode 6
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Translation Notes for Episode 7
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kyoku: digital mogura - gesu no kiwame otome

As requested by some of you Okura fans, especially my sister herself, I decided to take up this project. I found a decent RAW from furransu yesterday so now I'm about 90% done with translating the script. My good friend mysticwater will be helping me out with the timing so, banzaaaiii.

But I have to say oh my bloody god, Okura Tadayoshi was so... I can't even. I'm a fan of Takei Emi so I didn't mind subbing this but holy sheet I thank the heavens for letting me sub this haha. Seeing Okura being the flip side of his character in DoS Deka is just too much for me to handle. And the bedroom scene.... I'm pretty sure my nose bled.

Haha for excitement's sake, I'll be releasing a beta .srt version that'll probably be out in a couple of days. And the styled .ass/softcoded video will follow after.

楽しみでねえ、 Look out for it, kay~ ^^

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24 May 2015 @ 09:30 pm
Btw, there aren't much things to clarify from this episode. Hm. What do I do? Should I just gif spam? Yeah I should just gif spam. YEAAHHH

Translation notes for ep 4

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