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05 May 2015 @ 11:51 pm
DoS Deka [Eng Subs] Episode 1 & 2  

Kuroi Maya is a female detective who has no sense of loyalty to her organisation, completely ignores rules and loves to see troubled looks on people's faces. She became a detective so that she can torment bad people all she wants. However, she has the ability to get to criminals faster than anyone else because of her keen perceptiveness.
Good-natured, earnest but careless Daikanyama Shuusuke, is a police officer who works at a police box. At home, he is caught between his strong-minded mother and sister, and gets pushed around every day. But he makes the acquaintance of Maya at a crime scene. Shuusuke is unlucky to find himself partnered with her to solve all sorts of cases together.



Tabe Mikako as Kuroi Maya
Okura Tadayoshi as Daikanyama Shuusuke
Yoshida Yo as Shirogane Fujiko
Yaotome Hikaru as Hamada Soichiro
Nakamura Yasuhi as Nakane Masanobu
Katsumura Masanobu as Arisugawa Tsuneo
Ishii Masanori as Yura Fumio
Mitz Mangrove as Inui Kenzaburo
Seto Saori as Daikanyama Kaori
Suga Yusuke as Ken-chan
Ibu Masato as Kondo Tokuji
Kishimoto Kayoko as Daikanyama Keiko
Subs are synced with RAWS from furransu (480p)
And RAWS from plotboxes (720p)
Japanese subs- jdramacity

So me and hikaruisyum has decided to take up DoS Deka. Well, she took it up first but I love Tabe and Okura so I offered my help and she accepted since she's a busy high schooler haha. So we will possibly be alternating between her retranslation from Bahasa subs and my translation directly from the Japanese subs. We'll see which one finishes first, then move on with styling and me QC-ing the subs. It's my first collab and me so excited yey~

Well, the subs can be found at d-addicts.

I'll put up the translation notes later. So here's some preview from the two episodes.
*sigh* Okura & Tabe is my new ship!!
kibun: jumpy
kyoku: hesomagari by kanjani8
ocha_sukiocha_suki on May 5th, 2015 04:06 pm (UTC)
thanks to both of you gals ^^
katherinekate: Ryo Prank Callkatherinekate on June 10th, 2015 11:01 am (UTC)
Thank you so much taking this up to sub, Okura is so cute in this!!