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07 July 2015 @ 01:09 pm
DoS Deka ep 8, 9, 10 Translation Notes  

Translation Notes for Ep 8

店 (Mise) literally translates to 'shop', 'store' or 'establishment'. But it can represent everything of the sort, for example, restaurants. So, sometimes it's a little rough to translate since, for example, if we're talking about hamburger shops/restaurants, then fine, we can just easily translate it as is; "that hamburger shop over there". However, if we're talking about a place that sells curry? "The curry shop over there" sounds weird, 'curry restaurant' is also somewhat off. The issue is that the term mise or o mise has a rather broad definition. So, long story short, I decided to go with namings that I usually see, which is, for example, Curry House, Pancake House, Hamburger Shop and etc.

Yay, Bomber!
Now, the magical word;
ワイ!(Wai!) is a form of expression of emotion. It's the sound people, usually little kids make when they're excited or are in high tension. Thus, we can conclude it is somewhat similar to "Yay!". I mean, it is similar. It is exactly that. Which is why I translated it as such.

Other form of expression Arisugawa had spoke of was,
バンザイ!(Banzai!) and ニコニコ (Nikoniko). Banzai! translates to "Long live" but it can also represent the emotions of happiness such as; massive gratitude, celebration or excitement. Occurs when something very positive has occurred and is typically observed when watching sports or other games played by people. How do I explain this, ugh, I'm so bad with words lol. Let's just say, when you put your hands up like this is when those words make most sense;


Translation Notes for Ep 9

Strawberry Daifuku
Daifukumochi, or Daifuku, is a Japanese confection consisting of a small round mochi stuffed with sweet filling, most commonly anko, sweetened red bean paste made from azuki beans. - wiki

Sukeban Deka
A TV show. It's a pretty old show I have not watched lol. There has been remakes of it but the one Chief Shirogane was cosplaying was the 1987, with permed hair and freckles. So Arisugawa is somewhat saying the Chief is cosplaying something from her generation.

Zawachin is a TV act that's famous for her 'imitation makeup' of celebrities. She gained fame from her imitation of Tomomi Itano. But even her imitation of Arashi is amazing *-* so check her out.      

I mean, the guy on the right is NOT Sakurai Sho... like whuuutt

Translation Notes for Ep 10
There's not much thing to clarify from this episode. But here goes anywayz~

Chief Superintendent
Like I had talked about before, I have problems with titles. In this episode a new character named, Sasaki Reiko had appeared and she is the superior of Section Chief Superintendant Shirogane Fujiko, since she is the Chief Superintendent. Grr, such long title -.-, whereas the Japanese is only 3 syllables long. I hate it when this happens lol. 警視正 (Keishisei) - kei-shi-sei btw.
So, here's Daikan being emo <3

Gosh I really can't wait until ep 11 is out. 10 was a roller coaster, phew.