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30 August 2015 @ 12:08 am
Arashi The Digitalian Live Tour 2014 - Disc 3; The Making [English subs] // announcement  

We can say this is pretty much my farewell gift and sign of apologies. Next week I will be going back to university for my degree in architecture. I'll be going through a very busy period of my life so I very much doubt I'll be able to produce any subs within the next 3 to 4 years. I haven't even been releasing a lot of subs lately and as if that's not a bad enough thing to do as a subber, I'm very suddenly taking a super long break, a hiatus you could say. I am very sorry but unfortunately, my life is my first priority lol. So yeah, hiatus-farewell gift? T_________T さようなら。また会おうね。

ohno satoshi = ninomiya kazunari = aiba masaki = sakurai sho = matsumoto jun
The making of one of the best Arashi concert, The Digitalian; ENJOY!
Video Specifications
Version 1
File type;
File size; 1.89gb
Subtitles; English, softcoded

Version 2
File type;
File size; 2.13gb
Subtitles; English, hardsubbed

Translator; Haruki
Typesetter; my imouto
Raw provider; jade_lil
Lyrics; yarukizero
Encoder; jheili

Thank you so much guys. And everyone, do respect our work by NOT taking out the credits and NOT hotlinking the file.

Version 1; mkv, softcoded, 1.89gb
MEGA full file
MEGA 500mb split files

Version 2; mp4, hardsubbed, 2.13gb

MEGA full file
MEGA 500mb split files

I do apologize. Some people have been requesting so that I make my videos hardcoded. But unfortunately, my computer isn't being kind to me at all. So I'm having a hard time hardcoding it. I always meet with obstacles when it comes to encoding sigh. Is there any experienced encoders out there who can help hardcode this for me, but make the end product less than 2GB? You will of course be placed in the credits ^^

EDIT: A very nice person has volunteered to help me encode, yeah! Hardsubbed version now up! Enjoy~

p/s: for people who're thinking of watching version 1, the softcoded version on their mobile devices, you actually can. I suggest using MX player since that player can play mkv softcoded subbed videos really well.

Feel free to message me about any problems you might have.
With that. I'd like to thank you guys for the support you've been giving me for the past year, *jun's voice* my fellow Arashian~

Thank you. Much love,

password; is the first letters of the last names of the members, in the order of the gifs above from left to right. hint - 5 letters.
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