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05 February 2015 @ 04:16 pm

About Groomed fangirl. A Japanese speaker currently living in a boring country filled with deceit. I spend most of my days in front of the computer either subbing, reading, writing, photo editing or watching. I love Japanese culture because I grew up with it. I like making new friends but I won't add you back if your lj is empty because omg stranger danger from the other side of the screen.

Random Visual Kei is my jam. Second goes to rock. I can't stand jazz. I hate going to concerts but I like to watch a DVD of it. I love tokusatsu since birth lol. I self taught myself Japanese at the age of 7. Self explanatory, I like milk coffee to the point that I reek of it. And finally as you can see, I like yaoi huehuehue *gross fujoshi laugh*

Arashi ni Shiyagare 20171118 Guest Suda Masaki - Translating

Eight Ranger 2 Movie - Translating
Crayon Shin-chan Movie 19 - Translating
VS Arashi #234 Guest; V6 - Translating
AnS x The Music Day - Translating
AnS #233 Guest; Katsumura Masanobu - Translating


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the wonderful faces of Arashi :D

Are you ready?
Are you having fun?
Are you hungry?
Are you Awashians? (Arashians)
Are you happy?

So we got it done finally lol. With a lot of procrastinations and distraction we got it out finally hahah!

Anyways here are the subbed, (kanji, romaji & translations included) concert videos. We have disc 1 and disc 2 for the concert and a 'disc 3' documentary showcasing the behind the scenes of the making of Are You Happy. This time around we don't have the traditional rotational 'member camera' where the members record each other throughout the behind the scenes of each concert, where it's more transparent and intimate. Instead we get to see the back story and journey heading towards the concert. But anyway nothing surprising there, the concert did seem a little rushed and they themselves kept saying they didn't have time so they wouldn't have the time and any leisure of strolling around with a camera in their hands plus with all their schedules catching up to them. Well though can't lie I was a little disappointed, I don't really mind since we can really see how genuinely they work hard to make the concert happen, and if not, as greatly and as true to themselves as they can, as far as the theme of this album this time around. To quote how Jun placed it, "It's a concert that is made up of, firstly how each member faces Arashi" So in a way, it did feel more 'transparent' and genuine to who they are, just human. I mean when you're worked everyday of the week, squeezed out of your strength to make others happy, the question would pop to you instead, "Are you happy?". And while there might be hard times they find the comfort through each other and really, at the end of the day through being able to make others feel happy as well. Which is why I find the concert this time around really beautiful.

Lol, long rant. About the subs btw, I had asked Kizu to time the lyrics a little faster so it'll be easier for anyone, it was for us really, to sing along if you'd like. I liked disc 1 better a lot of my fav songs were on there, daymn Nino's solo! But disc 2's got Seishun Boogie and darn that song was cute hahah! Anything, comments, feedbacks, critics are appreciated :D So are mirrors lol since I heard some people can't do MEGA. You guys would be helping a fellow Arashian out <3

some cute moments
So here it is. Do enjoy it! And always be on the look out of anyone who's not the main focus of the camera, they be doing some cute things at the back lol

BIG THANKS to those who helped out! The team were as usual, me Haruki, as the translator and kicyukizu as a loyal timer.

RAW Provider
Disc 1 & 3 are from the wonderful lio_neko via lionekotreasure
And disc 2 is from the incredible dipropylene via chesutosakurai (chesutosakurai's got some HD 1080p raws if you guys are interested)

If you guys haven't gotten your raws yall can visit any of the above comms or arashigoodies have got them as well.
Also, thanks to everyone who helped and point me to the raws and even offered to rip their DVDs for me T_T I love yall <3
ALSO, I learnt how to encode :DDDD with the tutorial from the awesome school of subbing sub_sub_gakkou. Do give them a visit if yall got time, they're awesome!

PASSWORD HERE So I decided to give out both hardsub and softsubs but since this is english subs so primarily this is aimed for english speakers and thus english readers at which I am trying to make this at least a little harder for anyone here who might be here just to steal the content. And so you will find the decryption keys for the hardsub version under the mirrors welcomed cut and for those who want the softsubs, (since I know some of you already have the raws and now just need the subs) the softsub link is also under the same cut, and the decryption link is available on this site. Again do understand I have to make this harder and increase the effort for those who aren't here to actually read and understand my 'rules' if you may, and are just here to click download and share our work elsewhere. We worked hard for this so we don't need anyone not respecting our work :) So the password for that site is, in this same order, in lowercase, the last name of the members Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi and Sakurai Sho ;) DO NOT redistribute the file guys. You can edit the timing so it fits your raws though. Thanks for understanding guys <3

Video Specifications
Disc 1
Type; .mp4
Size; 1.8gb
Duration; 1hr 52 mins
Subtitles; english hardcoded

mirrors welcomedCollapse )

Disc 2
Type; .mp4
Size; 1.2gb
Duration; 53 mins 27 secs
Subtitles; english hardcoded

mirrors welcomedCollapse )

Disc 3
Type; .mp4
Size; 1.2gb
Duration; 1hr 15 mins
Subtitles; english hardcoded

mirrors welcomedCollapse )

Passwords and decryption links are stated above. Do read again if you fail to find it :) Any questions, feel free to ask away :D Thanks again and enjoy watching guys! <3

- Haru

And if you've known me long enough, you should know you won't get past me not spamming some gif! Here goes :D

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28 January 2018 @ 07:12 pm
2017-2018 Johnnys Countdown [mirukukohii].mp4_snapshot_00.10_[2018.01.28_18.33.14].jpg

Hey guys. Been a while since I updated. 2 years I guess, lol. As of now I have a little bit of free time and kicyukizu isn't busy as well, so we decided to spend some of our time to sub some things that we found fun and interesting. Do stay tuned for some of our works we'll be releasing in the nearest month. We're currently working on Arashi's Are you happy concert. We're pretty slow in pace because we couldn't match our times but as of now disc 1 is about done. Disc 2 is halfway timed. Disc 3 is... untouched, lol. がんばりますけどね。
So then, here's Johnny's countdown 2017-2018. It was okay, wasn't much fan service though darn. But it's fun to play the 'spot-your-bias' game when they're all gathered into a ball of ikemen hotness. Honestly though, honest, honestly though, I don't know if some of them actually can't sing or it's problem with the sound system or anything, but I was shookd and shocked at some of their singing, in a good and bad way. Maybe some of them should stick to singing in the studio lol.

Nevertheless, it was cute. Here's some things I managed to catch from the vid and the only one that mattered, jk.

We have prince kenty and adorbs Shigeoka (falling hard for him lately because of Oboreru Knife *o* good lord that smile). And the camera actually focused on Kame and Jun while the highlight was supposed to be the toshi-otokos, talk about shipping. And some Johnny's jr.......... sorry just had to include it wtf's he doing hahahahaha

So apparently Arashi was at Kohaku during the first part of the video, and KinKi was at Kyocera Dome. NEWS celebrated their 15th Anniversary and KATTUN made a comeback. Yamapi's also there, which felt, odd somewhat lol, but I really liked their song. So enjoy then!

Don't forget to thank the team! <3
Translator;;  Haruki
Timer;;        kicyukizu
Encoder;;    winkychan
RAW provider;;  jade_lil via arashigoodies
And thanks to arashi-on for the help!

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We can say this is pretty much my farewell gift and sign of apologies. Next week I will be going back to university for my degree in architecture. I'll be going through a very busy period of my life so I very much doubt I'll be able to produce any subs within the next 3 to 4 years. I haven't even been releasing a lot of subs lately and as if that's not a bad enough thing to do as a subber, I'm very suddenly taking a super long break, a hiatus you could say. I am very sorry but unfortunately, my life is my first priority lol. So yeah, hiatus-farewell gift? T_________T さようなら。また会おうね。
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I know I'm jumping around on the episodes here but again this was a result of my perfectionist side. I subbed this like as soon as the RAW was out but I got fed up about the typesetting so I never touched it again. Then I proceeded to forget about it. When I came back to subbing last week I noticed this abandoned untitled subtitle file 4 folders deep into my subbing folder. Gosh. When I opened it up I found out it was a completely translated episode of VS Arashi that I failed to typeset. So, realizing there might be some Johnny's West fans out there that have been meaning to watch this but couldn't because of the language barrier, I completed it as soon as I could. Plus, Shigeoka was adorable so, why not~

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09 August 2015 @ 10:41 pm

GOMEN! Maji gomen! I completely forgot to type up the translation notes and let alone post it up. I have been rather busy lately but still this is what comes out of procrastination. I apologize. Well, just for the sake of it, I'll put it up anyway eventhough I guess it's rather irrelevant now haha.

Translation Notes for Episode 11

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Project Coordinator: hikaruisyum
Translator, Typesetting, QC: haruki
Timer, Editor: mysticwater

Finally, I'd like to thank hikaruisyum aka V for giving me the green light to take over this series since I know how tough it is to be a subber in high school. I'm glad we were able to work together on this and millions of thanks to mysticwater for volunteering to be our timer. Despite having to go with my odd style of subbing and nitpicks you still stuck through the end. Thank you very much. Also to fans of the series, we thank you for being patient with us when we ended up being held back by real life problems or even technical problems. Much love.

I dedicate the series to fans of Tabe Mikako, Okura Tadayoshi and Yaotome Hikaru <3

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07 July 2015 @ 01:09 pm

Translation Notes for Ep 8

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Translation Notes for Ep 9

Read more...Collapse )

Translation Notes for Ep 10
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If y'all haven't already know, I'm a huge tokusatsu (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Anime, etc.) fan. I've been watching them since forever and tokusatsu was what had brought me into the wonderful world of Japan. Since the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai (aka power rangers) shows that I had watched back then were all in Japanese, I was exposed to the language since I was very very little. It influenced my pronunciation and somewhat, my vocabulary as well. I went around saying "bakayaro" and "kuso gaki" a lot back then without understanding the meaning haha.

What I'm trying to say is, lol, I just had to prioritize this episode over other Arashi stuffs I'm currently subbing~ Gomen na. So then, will Arashi be able to defeat the team of heroes? Lol.

Kamen Rider Gaim; Kamen Rider Decade; GokaiRed; Kamen Rider Agito; TimeRed; Ultraman Dyna

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17 June 2015 @ 09:27 pm

Here we go. We're all done with the basics.

Honestly this story wasn't as dark as I kind of hoped it to be haha. It was sweet. Too sweet I got sugar high. Too adorable, I can't even describe haha. I don't know what to say now hmm... Well, I've shipped these two since Otenki Onee-san and to see them like this felt like the ship had set sailed and safely avoided the iceberg. Gosh I honestly ship these two more than I ship TakeixTakeru~ Sorry kenshin, you're hot but Okura is in his own weird way somewhat hotter *flips glasses*

Well enjoy guys. It's a simple and sweet movie you can watch while you relax and snuggle up with your nonexistent boyfriend...  no? Just me? Okay. Enjoy it anyways ^^

Japanese subs - furransu's raw on asiatorrent
Timer - mysticwater
Translator - haru

By the way, the sub is synced to the RAW on this website called ganool.com. But it syncs well to dozchan666, furransu and WiKi's raw on asiatorrent as well. Have your pick.

The only thing I ask of you is to not destroy the credits. That takes you about 10 seconds to do, while it takes us days to sub. Have some respect yo. I don't mind you converting it to all the language you want, just give me a heads up about it, kay? Thanks love.

(Movie) Clover 2014

P/S: we'll be releasing a better hardcoded version on sanbakasubs soon. Check that out as well.

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16 June 2015 @ 04:03 pm

So... I'll just put it all in one post because I fear I might procrastinate these again haha.
Translation Notes for Episode 5
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Translation Notes for Episode 6
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Translation Notes for Episode 7
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