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16 June 2015 @ 04:03 pm
DoS Deka Ep 5, 6, 7 Translation Notes  

So... I'll just put it all in one post because I fear I might procrastinate these again haha.
Translation Notes for Episode 5

Name Titles
I've always had issues with these. I have no problem with the basic positions like schools or hospitals, but when it comes to the police agency or company rank titles, I can't translate them as well because I'm very unknowledgeable about them. For example, the deceased for this episode, Odonari Shiro was a, 部長 (Buchō) - Manager / Head of a section / Director, it was a pretty high position so I went with Director because Manager didn't sound as superior. lol. But yeah, that's still okay but then he was promoted to a 専務 (Senmu) which sounds short, so sweet, so easy to call. However, senmu translates to a good long Senior Managing Director. I mean who the f calls people that long of a title?

So when they're calling or talking to him, they would probably say something like, "Senmu, o genki desuka?". So how do I translate that? "Senior Managing Director, how are you feeling?" God lord that's so long it's weird. But that still doesn't look too bad. The real problem occurs when senmu is placed in the middle of a long sentence. It would make the sentence a gazillion times longer. I know some people just ignores the titles instead and just put their names but that's not fair then. It won't teach the audience new words and it loses a percent of it's accuracy. So, if any of guys know how I should translate these I'd appreciate it if you could share it with me. *sobs in corner*

I've been translating Shirogane Fujiko's position, 課長 (Kachō) to Section Chief for the past episodes but I gave up. It's a little awkward. Same case as the above. So I've started to just label her as the Chief, while Arisugawa will stay a Chief Clerk. I mean there can't be two Chiefs in the division so yeah. Hope that clarifies it.

Lol sorry i'm such a nitpicker. These are all just my unnecessary worries I know, haha.

焼酎 (Shōchū) is a Japanese distilled beverage. It is typically distilled from barley (mugi), sweet potatoes (imo), buckwheat (soba), or rice (kome), though it is sometimes produced from other ingredients such as brown sugar, chestnut, sesame seeds, or even carrots. Typically shōchū contains approximately 25% alcohol by volume, which is weaker than whisky or standard-strength vodka but stronger than wine and sake. - wiki.

this scene was awesome btw.

Translation Notes for Episode 6
ガリ勉 (Gariben) - Japanese denoting someone who studies too much. A nerd, a drudge, a geek.


先生 (Sensei) - Teacher. In this case it's teacher, but sensei is used for doctors, lawyers, politicians, masters as well. Now, why did I leave it as it is? Well, I can't possibly write, Teacher Tetsuko or Tetsuko Teacher. And leaving it as Ms. Tetsuko or Mrs. Tetsuko doesn't reflect the meaning so well. Which is why some people argue that sensei is actually part of the san, kun, chan, etc. suffix family as well while some say it's not.

Translation Notes for Episode 7

Tamiya Yuuhou
I don't know if it's supposed to be a pun or the writers are lazy to come up with other names haha. His name Yuuhou is close to the pronunciation for UFO in Japanese which is, Yuufo.

Witnessing Car
Lol I liked that joke. So, Chief Clerk Arisugawa made a joke about witnesses. Normal human witnesses are called,
目撃者 (Mokugeki-sha), where the 'sha' - 者 (Mono) translates to person. So he said 目撃車 (Mokugeki-sha) -Witnessing Car. The 'sha' there, pronounced 'cha' - 車 (Kuruma) translates to Cars/Vehicles. Super lame but I lol-ed haha.

Extraterrestrial Biological Entity
地球外生命体 (Chikyūgaiseimeitai) - Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. Phew that's so long. So I'll just shorten it to 'extraterrestrials'. By the way, I'm pretty sure they just want to make aliens sound professional lol.

Moonlight flit
I've actually never heard of this term but I'm pretty sure it's just me being the noob that I am. Still, this is why I love subbing, I get new words now and then. Not just new Japanese vocabulary but also English vocab.

夜逃げ (Yonige) - Flit or Moonlight flit as they say. It's pretty fun though, the yo in there actually literally means night or evening, and nige translates to run. So it's pretty much literally night flight or night run? haha.
basho: library
kibun: enthralledenthralled
kyoku: digital mogura - gesu no kiwame otome
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