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09 August 2015 @ 10:41 pm
DoS Deka ep 11 finale translation notes  

GOMEN! Maji gomen! I completely forgot to type up the translation notes and let alone post it up. I have been rather busy lately but still this is what comes out of procrastination. I apologize. Well, just for the sake of it, I'll put it up anyway eventhough I guess it's rather irrelevant now haha.

Translation Notes for Episode 11

Daikan-sama is Troublesome
Yura Fumio all of a sudden had said that Daikan-sama is such a 面倒くさい (Mendōkusai) person. Translate; A 'troublesome person' or 'burdenful'. But Daikan-sama being the dunce that he is, instead thought Yura-san say he 面倒がくさい (Mendō ga kusai). Translate; 'Reek of trouble or 'a whole lot to deal with'.

The phrase mendokusai translates to 'troublesome' while mendou on its own translates to 'trouble', 'burden', 'problem' and anything similar. Kusai on the other hand means 'stinky', 'reeks' and anything similar. This was, honestly, a useless play on words since the end translation of both phrases is almost similar but anyway. This kind of joke would usually be known and labeled as
オヤジギャグ (Oyajigyagu) - oldman gag/dad jokes.

Daikan-sama's song
The song Daikan-sama was singing when he went into the warehouse looking for Kuroi is titled
どんぐり ころころ (Donguri korokoro) - "A Rolling Acorn" which is a Japanese Children's Song. As seen in episode 1 he sings it when he's scared lol so adorbs.


Ep 11 Finale Cast Credits

Tabe Mikako as Kuroi Maya
Okura Tadayoshi as Daikanyama Shuusuke
Yoshida Yo as Shirogane Fujiko
Yaotome Hikaru(Hey!Say!JUMP) as Hamada Soichiro
Nakamura Yasuhi as Nakane Masanobu
Ishii Masanori as Yura Fumio
Mitz Mangrove as Inui Kenzaburou
Seto Saori as Daikanyama Kaori
Suga Yusuke as Ken-chan
Katsumura Masanobu as Arisugawa Tsuneo
Aoyama Noriko as Sakaki Reiko
Kobayashi Katsuya as Akazawa Hisashi
Ishiguro Ken as Touno Kiyomasa
Ibu Masato as Kondou Masato
Kishimoto Kayoko as Daikanyama Keiko
FC Plan Threatre Academy

Original Work by Nanao Yoshi "DoS Deka" Novel Series
Screenplay by Kawasaki Izumi
Music by Audio Highs
Theme song by Kanjani8 "Tsuyoku Tsuyoku Tsuyoku" (Infinity Records)
Chief Producer Itou Kyo
Producer Mori Masahiro, Fukui Hiroshi, Nomura Toshiya
Director Nakajima Satoru, Kawamura Yasuhiro, Matsunaga Youichi

Project Coordinator: hikaruisyum
Translator, Typesetting, QC: haruki
Timer, Editor: mysticwater

Finally, I'd like to thank hikaruisyum aka V for giving me the green light to take over this series since I know how tough it is to be a subber in high school. I'm glad we were able to work together on this and millions of thanks to mysticwater for volunteering to be our timer. Despite having to go with my odd style of subbing and nitpicks you still stuck through the end. Thank you very much. Also to fans of the series, we thank you for being patient with us when we ended up being held back by real life problems or even technical problems. Much love.

I dedicate the series to fans of Tabe Mikako, Okura Tadayoshi and Yaotome Hikaru <3

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Thank you very much!